Beva Fruits has two warehousing locations: MOOY Logistic (www.mooy.nl) based in Holland with two warehouses, one in BREDA and the other in Waddinxveen. Storage is also done at GUIDEZ in Arras (www.tps-guidez.fr) MOOY and also GUIDEZ prepare orders for Purchasing Centers, wholesalersas well for all export customers.
Both service providers are equipped to prepare all orders whether they be for the 28 distribution plate-forms we deliver as well as wholesalers and export clients.
At the client's request, Beva Fruits logistics department can accommodate deliveries to all our clients across Europe.
Last but not least almost all our arrivals is controlled by and independent quality control company,IFQS
Ifqs which is certified by the Dutch authorities guarantees a full quality report within 48 hours after arrival of all goods.